This is the home page for the two COMP 411 classes offered this semester, one taught by Anselmo Lastra and one taught by Henry Fuchs.  Briefly, this class is an introduction to computer organization. Topics include digital logic, basic circuit components, data and instruction representation, computer architecture and implementation, and assembly language programming. Additionally, we’ll provide an introduction to programming in C.


Most of the class materials, including notes, the calendar, assignments, etc. will be on Sakai

                     Henry Fuchs  (fuchs “at”              Anselmo Lastra (lastra  “at”
Office hours:  TBA in Brooks 216                                     TBA  in Brooks 116

Teaching Assistants

The UNC Honor Code


The Honor Code is in effect in this class, as in all others at the University.  The Honor System’s “Honor in the Syllabus” page includes the following suggested “affirmation of the Honor Code”: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has had a student-administered honor system and judicial system for over 100 years. The system is the responsibility of students and is regulated and governed by them, but faculty share the responsibility. If you have questions about your responsibility under the honor code, please bring them to your instructor or consult with the office of the Dean of Students or the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance. This document, adopted by the Chancellor, the Faculty Council, and the Student Congress, contains all policies and procedures pertaining to the student honor system. Your full participation and observance of the honor code is expected.